Monday, March 2, 2009

2nd week of march

this week will be busy.few activities and traveling are involved.
ISO workshop at Grand Dorsett Hotel, Labuan.(10 -11 march)
Strategic Planning at Imperial Hotel, Kota Kinabalu.(12-14 march)

im going to KK. so i hope ill find interesting places there to share with you guys.
and new information to share. and this weekend, a fren will come over to my place and stay for few days. i hope i can enjoy my weekend with a great company.

the semester is going to end, marks, attendance need to be updated.
and the proposal for June activities need to be submitted. several things need to be done before next week.

and april is coming. im looking forward for april. i ll have my semester break and going to spend few days in Langkawi with cik farah!

have a good day people!

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