Thursday, September 25, 2008

what a small world

today is a good day. i went to amin's house and had dinner. a plenty of food to eat. i felt like hari raya already. i was surfing the net, checking my inbox and friendster and i found out that razi is abdul rashid's son! can you believe this!

o my god! wat else can i say? i cant sleep. im on the net. and im still surprised!
what does it mean? i dunno. i wish i can tell you the answer.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

back to class

praktikum is over. so now im back to maktab. continuing classes and finishing the unfinished assignments. i hope i can do this before the eid holiday. most of us are busy right now.

i surf the net, looking for the reference for the report i have to write. 15 pages report for Mariah. Another report to write for Halimah. and for project.
i think i can do this. sometimes i think i dont want to do this. but then, choices have been made. and i have to pay for the consequences.

have a good day.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

day 10 - praktikum

Friday, September 19 2008.

Today is our last day here. Students do final editing and do their printing job. They hand over their assignments done in group. Students also learn how to operate the network printer located in the room.

Everybody is happy. I am happy. We also handover the video corporate for the school to the headmaster. We thank everybody and express our gratification.
We take few pictures together before we leave the school.

It will be a memorable moments to remember.
Thank You to the people of SJK(T) MELAKA KUBU.

Refleksi Minggu Kedua Praktikum

P&P dapat dijalankan namun begitu modul Microsoft Word tidak dapat dihabiskan. Beberapa masalah teknikal timbul. Antaranya berlaku litar pintas di dalam bilik Akses. Komputer tidak boleh berfungsi. Ini bermakna guru pelatih menyediakan bahan rujukan di dalam bentuk softcopy dan dimasukkan ke dalam komputer di bilik Akses. Bahan ini akan menjadi bahan rujukan kepada pelajar untuk meneruskan modul Microsoft Word secara berdikari.

Penyelaras bilik Akses dan guru kelas boleh meneruskan P&P dan menggunakan modul ini sebagai bahan pengajaran. Namun begitu, tugasan murid dapat juga dicetak apabila masalah lintara pintas diatasi. Tugasan murid adalah dokumen penting untuk dimuatkan di dalam portfolio sebagai bahan dan hasil P&P yang dijalankan oleh guru pelatih. Video korporat sekolah dalam bentuk cakera padat juga telah dihasilkan dan diserahkan kepada pihak sekolah. Guru pelatih mengucapkan penghargaan terhadap pihak pentadbir dan guru-guru yang banyak memberi kerjasama.

day 9 - praktikum

Thursday.September 18,2008.

Today is a good day. Finally the wiring problem is settled. All the desktops can be used. Thank god for that. 3 classes entered the room. Students continued with their unfinished tasks. We are able to print out their tasks.

Today also the last day to collect any necessary information to be included for our portfolio. I think I'm going to miss this school. This school will be my last teaching experience in primary school. It will be my most memorable teaching experience. The voice of the little children will be missed most. The look. The moments.

Life goes on.still.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Refleksi Minggu Pertama Praktikum

Melalui perbincangan di antara guru pelatih dan pihak pentadbir serta penyelaras bilik Akses, guru pelatih ditugaskan di bilik Akses. Guru pelatih mengendalikan beberapa kelas di dalam bilik Akses. Pelajar didedahkan dengan kemahiran asas Microsoft Word dan pengenalan asas mengenai sistem komputer. Guru pelatih membantu murid melaksanakan tugasan ringkas menggunakan Microsoft Word.

Guru pelatih menggunakan pendekatan pair teaching dan collaborative learning approach di dalam bilik Akses. Seorang guru pelatih membimbing beberapa kumpulan kecil pelajar ekoran daripada bilangan komputer yang tidak selari dengan bilangan murid. Ekoran daripada ruang yang terhad berbanding dengan bilangan murid yang besar, guru pelatih mendapat latihan secara terus untuk mengendalikan kelas berbantukan komputer serta meningkatkan kemahiran dalam pengawalan kelas dan pengurusan masa.

Di samping itu, guru pelatih turut membantu guru-guru yang menjalankan P&P di dalam bilik Akses. Pada waktu yang sama, guru pelatih mengutip data dan maklumat mengenai sekolah untuk menghasilkan video korporat sekolah.

day 8 - praktikum

Wednesday. September 17,2008.

This room has been emptied for the last 48 hour. The electricity power supply is interrupted. Still. I'm not sure but according to the technical person, something is not right with the power supply. I am not a technical person. For me if there is no electricity you can't on the desktops. Why? No electricity.

So what we do is, after listening to the technical person advise. We only use 3 desktops at one time. To avoid overflow usage of electricity. Students continue with their unfinished task. It is better than nothing.

Video corporate is in progress.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

day 7 - praktikum

Tuesday. September 16,2008.

Today 2 classes entered Bilik Akses. We continue Microsoft Word lesson. We are unable to proceed with Microsoft Excel. Due to time constraint. So we decided to emphasize on Microsoft Word alone. Accident happens. Out of sudden, the electricity power is interrupted. For several times! Regarding to the management, this happens sometimes. So they advised us to stop the usage until the savior comes.

We also started documentation process for our portfolio. Collecting resources and students work to be attached along with the rest. I hope we can finish this work by end of this week and be able to submit it to the lecturer in charge.

Video corporate making is in progress. Still. Almost 60%.

Monday, September 15, 2008

day 6 - praktikum

P&P in Bilik Akses

Students and teachers

Bilik Akses


September 15,2008.

Today is Minggu Bestari. A lot of activities will be held. Akses Room will be fully utilized. Competitions for students to participate. No classes entered the Akses Room. Students have class activity due to Minggu Bestari.

Lecturer in charge, En. Sazali pays us a visit. He lists down several tasks for us. We take note and update our information for the folio's requierement and other related matters.

Friday, September 12, 2008

day 5 - praktikum

Today is Friday. Nothing much happened.
Few activities taken place in the school.
Students are busy participating.
The Akses Room is not in demand today. I guess.
Just few students come in and out.
Most of them are Year 6.
They just finished their UPSR yesterday.

All of us are blogging. Updating information.

The weather is nice. The wind is nicer.
It is a good day. Indeed.

day 4 - praktikum

September 11, 2008

today, we have only 2 classes entered the Akses Room. today we also have the room all by ourselves. so having the advantage, we continue doing the unfinished assignments. i managed to do a couple of assignments today. thank god for that.

1. Language barrier

This is a new discovery. I found out that I am having difficulties communicating with the students. We seem unable to understand each other. We try to communicate but we have difficulties understand the meaning. I noticed that we have different mother tongue. I used another alternative. I speak English. Some of them can understand and speak English. Some not. Speaking Bahasa is not easy as I thought it should be. Most of the time, during the lesson I used non-verbal method to communicate. I show them how by doing, not explaining verbally to them how to do things. It involves a lot of effort and energy usage. I dont mind showing them how to do things. Looking at their young innocent faces you will end up doing everything for the sake of them! I honestly speaking, started to like looking at their faces.

2. Desktops breakdown

Oh this is unbelievable. 3 out of 9 desktops are having problems and can't be used. So you can imagine the chaos having a limited number of desktops with a big number of students. I guess God is asking us to use our brain thinking for the solution to deal with this situation. Luckily, 2 classes entered today. My team members take this opportunity to distribute the intstruments for students to answer. They are collecting data for Pn. Mariah's Proquest assignment.

The sunrise shines on the desert and the ocean,
in times of crisis and in times of contentment.

Have a good day.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

day 3 - praktikum

Today nothing much happened. 4 classes entered the Pusat Akses and they continued their assignments. Teacher facilitated them through the lesson.

1. PlanB

Another plan b to proceed. Internet connection is not exist. At all. So after having a brief discussion with the other members, we decided to proceed plan b. We will teach students using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Furthermore, Nirmala has the module for those. So i believe we can proceed with that. We have to make up with something or else, life would be meaningless here. For me.

It may sound typical to teach the students with Microsoft Office. And i hate to admit that it is very typical, literally speaking. But then, after doing the situation analysis that is the best we can do for them while having praktikum here. We have limited time, yeah another typical excuse, and we have a big number of students for each class. In order to eliminate of feeling guilty, i guess the corporate video for the school is the best solution.

2. Data Collection

Today, Nirmala and i wandering around the school vicinity and recording the live activities occurred in the school. The main subject, the students, give good cooperation by giving spontaneous post in front of the camera digital. Oh by the way, we are using the humble digital camera for recording purpose. I hope the picture will turn out to be something though.

3. Pusat Akses

I spent the last 48 hours observing the Pusat Akses. I think, looking back at several schools i have been teaching for the last 5 years. The government should emphasize the layout of the room wisely. Or is it the school? The ergonomic elements are left out while designing this room. I am not talking about decorating or beautifying the room to make it feel like home. But im talking about the ergonomic factors, both for the students and teachers benefits. Sometimes we are too excited decorating and beautifying the room, we tend to forget that the room should be functioning the way it is supposed to function. Somebody has to do something to change the stereotype of how to manage the room.

The weather is nice today. The wind is being gentle too.
Thank you mother nature.

I have a good day.

day 2 - praktikum

9 september 2008

UPSR 2008 started today. We were asked to move to Pusat Akses. Today 5 classes entered Pusat Akses (5P,3C,5C,2P and 3U). It is a long day, indeed.

1. collaborative learning
this method is applied today. it was hard in the beginning but i think we can cope with the situation. some of the students can follow this approach, some of them are not paying attention at all. i teach them basic skill using Microsoft words. students produce a file consisting their work. for year 5, they make a short composition for Bahasa Malaysia. for year 2 and 3, they produce a profile cover using Microsoft word. i found out that, most of the students are familiar using Microsoft word. they are capable to work with microsoft word. they are fast learner too!

i think i need to come up with a challenging task for them tomorrow. or else they will end up bored. i am thinking about asking them to surf the internet. collecting data and producing multimedia presentation using power point. the process of collecting data, managing data, presenting data and acknowledging the source of data should be awesome for them. i can see now the significant of project based learning for the students. they are indeed very lucky to be exposed with this. it should be useful for them. later for their tertiary education.

the only constraint is the limited number of desktops in the room. i hope internet connection is ok tomorrow.

2. data collection
i take a lot of pictures. the school,the students, teachers, rooms, classrooms and interesting subject. this is for the corporate video project.

i think today is a good day.

Monday, September 8, 2008

day 1 - praktikum

today is the first day of praktikum. 3 of us were assigned to the computer lab. the computer lab will be our station for 2 weeks. timetable is given . 4 classes entered the computer lab (2c,3c,4c and 3p).

several things had occurred. some were meant to be accident or it could be the level of ignorance was still high? i'm looking forward to find the answer.

1. technical error or human error?
we were facing difficulties during setting up the LCD projector. yeah it sounded ridiculous but it was happening. the laptops were not able to detect the LCD or we were so ignorance that we did not sure how to connect the LCD. so to avoid giving lousy execuses for not proceeding the lesson, we ended up dividing students into 3 major groups with one teacher to supervise each group.

2. number of desktops
i guess this is common problem facing by the schools. the number of desktops never compatible with the number of students. some were functioning yet some were not. collaborative learning approach is used. students work in pair and some in small group consisting of 3 students with one desktop. life goes on still. teacher plays a significant role in controlling the students.

3. lack of fundamental skill
these can be tackled if attention were given i believe. the eagerness to learn can be seen from the students. thank god for that. spelling skill is weak and they spend some time to spell. typing skill is none. they take a long time to spell. if only young children were exposed to these skills in their early age, it would be a blessing for everybody.

4. plan b
i guess this is what i have learnt today. always prepare for the worst. plan b is the best answer. cooperation among the team members. this is another point to note. luckily we were able to follow plan b and carry on with the lesson.

today is a good today. i see things. i learn new things.
i can't wait for tomorrow.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


d day has just turn out to be great.
i eat good food.
great company and enjoy every moment.

part III

outing activity will be held today
location : SJK(T) Kubu

hope something great occurs.

part II

the clock is 9.30 in the morning
learning to blog
with frens.

4th. day of ramadhan

today seems dull and gloom.
wish by the evening,'
everything will be fine.

have a good day.

my journal 2008

this is my daily journal.