Sunday, August 23, 2009


1. Ramadhan datang lagi. kali ini berpuasa di pulau. tahun ini berpuasa sendiri di pulau. jauh dari keluarga dan sahabat. puasa tahun ini seharusnya membawa erti yang berbeza.

2. apabila kita berjauhan dari orang yang disayangi banyak perkara boleh berlaku. kepercayaan yang diberi perlu diamati. ada antara kita mengambil mudah sesetengah perkara. ada juga yang mengambil kesempatan. terpulang kepada seseorang menafsir sesuatu perkara.

3. apabila kesabaran diuji berkali-kali, mungkin tahap kesabaran semakin menebal atau mungkin kesabaran manusia boleh hilang sekelip mata. kesabaran manusia mempunyai beberapa tahap yang boleh dicapai dan juga tidak tercapai. apa akan berlaku sekiranya seorang manusia telah hilang kesabaran?

4. ada diantara kita terlalu lapar akan kebenaran. persoalannya adakah anda bersedia mengetahui tentang sesuatu kebenaran yang dicari. berbaloikah pencarian ke atas kebenaran? sekiranya benar ada kebenaran atau hanyalah prasangka yang melewati fikiran? prasangka. percayalah prasangka manusia mampu merubah sesuatu keadaan.

5.perubahan akan berlaku. itu yang pasti. hanya masa yang bakal menentukan apa akan berlaku kepada manusia yang telah hilang kesabarannya, yang berprasangka, yang mencari kebenaran, yang mencari jawapan.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

aturcara majlis

1. event organizing is an interesting task to do. when you are doing event organizing, you have to deal with people. there are many types of people. and sometimes some of these people may piss you off.

2. the sanity in you. the patience in you. the wisdom in you. will differentiate you with the rest of the people. when we are talking about people, we are talking about communication. we also talking about human behaviour. it is getting more interesting when you can see how these people work with each other to make the event successfully organized.

3. some people have the power. some people have the authority. some people have the energy. and some people will delegate power to certain people. some people will receive directions and instructions. some people will complain. some people will keep their mouth shut. some people will just do and follow the instructions. and there will be some people who try to please certain people.

4. how do you satisfy everyone in such situation? how do you manage people in such situations? how do you encounter with differents responds, behaviour,circumstances and unexpected matters? some people will loose their sanity in such situation. some people applied the ignorance is bliss policy. but some people just dont.

5. the interesting part is, you are seeing the social penetration theory taking place. layer after layer of onion will expose the true color of a person. and you are so wise you will manipulate the information gained about a person in order to make things work.

6. period.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


1. today i forced myself to think harder for idea to create photo with extra elements. extra elements meant that i must added several extra elements to make it more interesting, more catchy or more than usual.

2. but i must not forget the basic principles in photography. what are extra elements?

1. minimalism concept
2. high key
3. reflections
4. pattern
5. fill light
6. rim light
7. emotions
8. actions

and many more. you have to mix several elements mentioned above to create great photos.

3. to have 2 extra elements is easy, but to make it 3 and more is challenging. when i am doing this exercise i realized that a great photographer must master the skill and must have the EYE when creating photos. the art in making is beginning.

4. never underestimate a photographer because a photographer does a lot of thinking and being creative at the same time. trust me, this can be developed. you dont have to be born gifted but if you are, well you are darn lucky. but if you are not, it takes determination and passion in you. takes time.

Monday, August 10, 2009


1. currently, teacher syednasir is organising photogame for us fellow photographers (i dont consider myself as a photographer yet, newbies is suitable word for me). this is one of his efforts to encourage us enhance our skills in photography. and now we are waiting for the 4th photogame's instruction.

2. based on my personal experience, sometimes a person need to compete with others in order to know his standard. during competition, i can see the real person character. his willpower and his determination. apart from that, i can measure myself whether i am being handicapped or not in certain areas.

3. i learned a lot from the last three photogame. i need to master photoshop. this is one of the requirements beside mastering the art of composition, techniques, handling tools and producing great photos. it is a long way to go before i can consider myself as a photographer.

4. owning a grand camera is not a warranty that one can be a skillful photographer. it takes time. it takes you. it takes how much you will give to acquire the skill to be distinguish. it takes you. not others.

5. so to all my photographers friends, lets take the challenge!

Monday, August 3, 2009

back to labuan

1. today is the first day working after 2 weeks semester break. the weather is hazy. the temperature is warm. i feel warm. and today i go for outing,shooting hibiscus to make a poster for national day celebration.

2. we go in a big group today. and everybody carries his camera and shoots the best shot. using 50mm lenses. what did i discover?

3. it was challenging though the subject is common. a hibiscus. since the flower is not fully blooming, i think i have to manipulate the flower to produce great poster. i will not use the whole flower but some cropping job will be done.

4. another lesson learned today, it is not about the equipment you own, but the skill you build using the equipment. that was deep.indeed. in order to be good in something, sometimes it is not about what you have or how expensive tools you possess. it is about fully utilizing the equipment. it is not about who owns what or who buy the most expensive tools. mirror yourself that is the most.

5. the most wonderful part of today is, we can sit and talk about what bonded us together. the photos you get. its not about who buy this or who buy that. this is not a buying competition anyway.

6. a closed friend received an offer letter to further her study. well she inspires me. ill be following her step. best of luck, my friend. we will make the dream come true. this i promise you.