Sunday, November 23, 2008

0933 hours

i went for dinner at my new fren's place last night. she cooked steam fish, herbal chicken soup, some veggie and rice. we had good dinner. i thanked her for that. its not about the food, but the thought is much more important.

we discussed about a lot of things.

1. her family and i have some information about her now. she speaks hakka, she is budhist, she is the youngest in the family. she is from sandakan. she has the access to have fresh fish and offers me to have fresh fish. she also invites me to visit her at sandakan. so i said, on one fine day ill be visiting her and her family. she likes to watch soap opera during her time.

2. i learnt how to cook steam fish chinese style. it is very simple and easy. and i think i can have steam fish in the future. i need to learn preparing and cooking some dishes. because after this i have to treat her with malay dishes.

3. it is good to meet new people and learn about others. i feel comfortable talking and being with her.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

saturday morning

i attended several programs held by the organisation. i collected a lot of data. about the people. about the custom and culture exercised here. some of them are:

1. 'seniority' status creates havoc when it comes to certain issues like parking, position and salary. the funny part was, when some of them claim to be 'senior' compare to the newcomers (who already served for the government several years) compare to the 'senior' who just serve for one year.

2. i found out that this is very surprising. the mentality carried by the people who claim to be 'senior'. dont you think this is rather funny because i believe that the core business you are working is to serve for your clientele. and the key performance index will differentiate each others. not the period being at the organization or certain places. and i also believe that, to tell whether you are master or expert in your task in the industry, evaluated by your contributions.

3. second, regarding to parking issue. this is another funny story i heard from a close friend who is also newcomer. the parking rule stated that, parking allocated according to the house number. it is as simple as that. so who has car do not have to worry about parking because every house has one parking allocated. it doesnt matter whether the parking allocated for you is with roof or without roof. that is another issue.

4. problem arises when residents who are senior (define by how long you were there) park their car not at their right parking. so when new people come in, some bring their cars some not. so you can see what occurs now.

5. i think that this is small matter and should be solved wisely. rules are made to overcome problems and make life much more easier to live. so when some people think that 'learn the rules, break some' you have to think about the consequences to the others who follow the rules accordingly.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

pink day

today i discovered that thumbdrive is not reliable. i changed to floppy disk. twice i cannot open the folder so it must be affected by the evil virus. i cant save large file though in the floppy disk. so now i have to manage my floppy disk according to the sub topic of my lesson.

i had a misunderstanding with one person yesterday. i guess thats what life is all about. the people in your life and how you manage. some things cannot be changed and regarding this you have to compromise. but for me if changing something can bring another sun shine in your life, why not? changing for good will not harm anyone. it will certainly improve life. dont u think?

i always believe in change. change is good thing. why not?

Monday, November 17, 2008

second week

i think i like teaching college students. several reasons:

1. it is easy to conduct the lecture with great facilities.
2. it makes me happy to be able teaching communication.
3. it reminds me to be up to date and well prepared.
4. it helps me to enhance my public speaking skill.

i have a large audience in a big lecture hall. i have different background of students(from borneo). i learn to comprehend their culture. i also learn to communicate well with them. basically i'm learning to understand them.

as for the colleagues, i still keep myself apart. i purposely build a barrier with them. time will tell when i am ready to be closed to particular person. but then, i am doing fine i think. as long as i do my task, everything should be alright i believe.

i miss my former students.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

sunday evening

today i end up spending my evening in the office. there is no better place than office at the moment. so better utilised it.
another interesting findings:

1. the pengarah of KML drives a proton car (iswara aeroback).
2. the lecturers of KML drives honda, toyota and nissan cars.
3. the clerks of KML drives honda.
4. and as for me i take mini bus to town and i walk to kolej every morning.

I dont have my furniture and other stuff yet in my apartment so:

1. i dont cook, and i eating out.
2. i do laundry manually.
3. i watch the wall and the clouds most of the time.
4. i read book and newspaper along with the advertisements.
5. i sweep the floor twice a day.
6. i found out that i enjoy watching the sky most of the time.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

lesson learnt

1. i experienced communication barrier this week.

2. starting on Monday ive been calling the nearby resort about room reservation for the invited speaker. then payment for the room will be paid by the organization. so one of the requirement is something to do with one certificate. i need that certificate. and i dont receive it until today.

3. worried about the time constraint, i met the officer in charge, explaining to him about the certificate. he briefs about the procedure then he gives one call to the nearby resort, and problem solved.

4. my point is, he knows what he wants and he delivers it clearly. and i think my mistake was i dont speak straight to the point. i give a lot of explanation which it ends up confusing them.

5. lesson learnt.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

tuesday morning

i think i am adapting well the new life. i did a lot of reading lately. since there is no tv or astro..i ended up reading. and blogging.

i take a walk at 5 in the evening. i spend about 40 minutes to take the fresh air and try to sweat myself. i did a lot of observation, too.

1. students in here are having a hell of good time. they seem to enjoy themselves.
2. having dinner or lunch in the cafeteria is not bad at all.
3. office is open 24 hours, no execuse for not doing your job.
4. time is yours. i dont experience the pressure yet not that im asking for it.
5. i need to think of something rather than reading and blogging.

Monday, November 10, 2008

first day

today is my first day entering lecturer hall. first lecture i was accompanied with a colleague. so after i see how he handles the first slide. i think i know how to run the class. its not so bad. teaching is teaching. you are doing the teaching only the audience is large this time. i think it should be fun. this semester especially.

i found out that:

1. teaching college students is convenience.
2. distributing tasks is much easier.
3. they dont make much noise.
4. they ask relevant questions.
5. some are cooperative. some are cold.

but then, i have a long way to go. so i should give myself more time to get used with them. with the teaching method and approach.

we ll see how.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

life (according to someone)

life is something to do when
you are not asleep.
life is not about keeping score

it's not about how many friends you have
or how accepted you are.
not about if you have plans this weekend.
it isnt about who u are dating
who u used to date
how many people you have dated
or if you havent been with anyone at all.

it isnt bout who u have kissed
it's not about sex
it isnt about who your familyy is
or how much money they have
or what kind of car you drive
or where u are sent to school.

it's not about how beautiful or ugly u are
or what clothes you wear
what shoes u have on
or what kind of music you listen to.

it's not about if your hair
is blonde, red,black or brown
or if your skin is too lite or too dark
not about what grades you get
how smart you are
how smart everybody else thinks you are
or how smart standardised test says you are.

it's not about what club you are in
or how good you are at your sport

it's not representing your whole being
on a piece of paper
and see who will accept the "written you"

but life is about
who you love and who you hurt
it's about who you make happy
or unhappy purposely
it's about keeping or betraying trust
it's about friendship
used as a sanctity or a weapon.

it's about what you say and mean
maybe hurtful
maybe heartening
about starting rumors and contributing
to petty gossips
about what judgments you pass
and who your judgments are spread to.

so, you are into being a teacher or baby
it's about who you are ignored
with full and intention
it's about jealousy, fear, ignorance and revenge
it's about carrying inner hate and love
letting it grows and spreading it

but most of all
it's about using your life
to touch or poison other peoples' heart in such a way
that could have never occurred alone.
only you choose the way
those hearts are affected.
and those choices
are what life is all about.

cik farah n k fidah

they are my good friends in school.
they will be leaving the school.
they will be in penang after this.

'live on two legs. something is ending n something begins.'

kawan lama dan baru

bila jumpa kawan lama dan baru, terasa seronok.
mengimbau kenangan yang ada, huhu....
im speechless.

well...for shadi, be good. teruskan perjuangan anda.
for hazrin, be wise. perjuangan menanti anda.
for k mai, be happy. im going to miss u.
for the rest, be great teachers.

for the pupils,you have long way to go. b brave.

pictures of Labuan

midnight calling

ill be leaving Malaya again. back to Labuan. heheh...its funny to admit that im missing the peacefulness found in Labuan.

so i guess i need to upload some pictures of Labuan after my discovery trip.