Thursday, July 23, 2009

in the box

1. it has been 48 hours and i am still in the house. i dont feel like going out. i feel trapped in the house. yet i dont have the urge to leave the house. why this happen?

2. i did a lot thinking and comparison. i watched the tv for the last 48 hours. what did i see? there are news, documentary, dramas, soap operas, and cartoon. who are the viewers? what make them watch these? why do the authority bombarded them with these? that is what the viewer get when they dont pay for satellite tv.

3. the media theory attracts my attention. viewer's perception are molded from what they watch through television. the society perception towards an issue can be predicted. another way to control the society's perception towards certain issue.

4. looking at malaysian society whom been watching the tv across the country, what can you predict? the content of media can variously affected the culture, the society and the political perception.

5. the changes of media has taken place rapidly. what about the society? do they change accordingly or they are stagnant? who are being responsible feed the society with what to choose and what to accept? or can we let the society growth independently and wisely?

6. what will happen when the society is bombarded with soap operas 24 hours a day? can soap operas bring harm to the society's perception? what about the content of soap operas? do the content will produce predicted audience in decision making? how can we develop informative society through the media using television specifically. what about other media? the net, which is the most influencing media at present.

7. media development and the society in malaysia. the case study.

8. i am thinking a topic for my research. what say you? do you have any idea?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


1. cuti semester telah bermula, maka semua ahli organisasi yang terlibat tidak melepaskan peluang pergi bercuti, berekpedisi, balik kampung dan ada juga yang tak kemana-mana.

2. cuti di bandar besar seperti subang jaya dan cuti di labuan mempunyai perbezaan yang ketara. di bandar besar anda dikelilingi dengan pelbagai ancaman berbelanja berbanding berada di pulau labuan yang tenang. pengaruh berbelanja sangat luas apabila berada di bandar besar. penduduknya diasak dengan pelbagai pengaruh siang dan malam. terlupa diantara garisan keperluan dan kemahuan.

3. ini tidak dapat dinafikan. kadang-kadang kita senang berada di bandar, dikelilingi dengan pelbagai kemudahan,pilihan dan perkhidmatan tanpa batasan. yang penting kuasa beli dan wang. apabila berada di pulau yang terbatas pilihan, kita sedar akan keterbatasannya. dan kita mampu mengawal kehendak dan kemahuan.

4. apabila sudah berbulan-bulan tinggal di pulau, kembali ke bandar besar..segala kemahuan dan kehendak yang tertahan dapat dihiburkan namun begitu, sampai satu ketika kita sedar ini semua hanyalah sementara. dan lebih menakjubkan lagi apabila kita tidak lagi teruja dengan apa yang ada di bandar besar.

5. teori ekonomi menggariskan antara keperluan dan kemahuan. teori maslow menyebut tentang self actualization di dalam piramid maslow. jadi dimanakah anda ketika ini?

6. perubahan suasana antara bandar dan pulau telah berjaya mengimunkan saya dalam bab berbelanja. sampai satu ketika, budaya berbelanja setiap kali pulang ke bandar besar telah luput. perasaan itu berjaya dikawal dan rasional berbelanja lebih dititikberatkan. adakah saya telah kehilangan nikmat berbelanja? pada saya ini semua adalah kematangan di dalam berbelanja.

7. berbelanja sakan di bandar, apabila pulang ke pulau, saya terfikir, untuk apakah saya berbelanja? berbelanja atas dasar memenuhi keperluan atau berbelanja atas dasar kemahuan yang tidak pernah surut? di hujung hari, saya mematikan kemahuan berbelanja dengan membandingkan orang lain yang tidak mampu untuk berbelanja demi memenuhi keperluannya. adakah saya telah rugi kerana melepaskan peluang berbelanja?

8. tidak. kerana berbelanja tidak pernah akan berhenti selagi kita hidup.hanya kita yang boleh menentukan sejauh manakah perbelanjaan perlu dilakukan. selamat berbelanja kepada kawan-kawan yang berada di bandar besar ketika ini.

Monday, July 13, 2009

semester break

1. Next week is semester break. Ill be home to be with my family. I plan to stay few days at KB. Then from KB to Thailand. Stop at Cameron Highlands then Subang Jaya. My assignment during semester break is to shoot interesting subject and enjoy my holiday at the same time.

2. This week I am surfing National Geographic website looking for some ideas. This website is awesome. Great pictures, lot of ideas! Before I plan to shoot something or going somewhere, a little research should be done. Bombarded my memory with great pictures will be a good start.

3. This time Ill make sure I will not be lost. Bring back great pictures to share. It should be a great journey. The challenge lays when I am on my own searching for great shot.

4. Happy holidays to all my colleagues. Look after your diet and dont forget to do the routine exercise! Live life! Love life!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


1. This weekend my friends and I went for outing. This week my teacher asked me to bring along another friend to join us. She is a female friend. And she received the first lesson on SLR digital camera. I believed she is very lucky because teacher gives her a very comprehensive explanation on aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

2. Since I was around, I took the opportunity to comprehend the concept myself. After 3 months joining them, now I can see clearly how to set the aperture, shutter speed and ISO. In a proper way. It sounds hard at first but then after I went through I dont know how many times of trial and errors, finally I know how to manipulate the setting according to my needs and the situation.

3. It is very simple.
a. Set the ISO at the lowest level.
b. Set the aperture accordingly. Refer to what lenses I used.
c. Set the shutter. Look at the viewfinder and increase or the graph according to needs and situation.

4. Some people take things for granted. I believe that people who know how to grab the opportunity will appreciate things more. It's very rare to find people with skills share their knowledge to others. So when I met these people, I am being grateful for their generosity and knowledge.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


1. I guess everybody is talking about PPSMI at present. As a teacher i was disappointed over the decision taken by the government. Why now? after all the time and money spent to implement PPSMI, out of sudden there is a group of people against PPSMI.

2. I've been telling my students, the need to be proficient in English language, yet the government decided to stop PPSMI. How ironic it had became. I'm afraid that irreconcilable differences of opinion among the people and the leaders produced the present result.

3. History of progressive country should be read. I learnt a lot about history of progressive country like Korea, Irish, and Japan from a book written by M.Bakri Musa Malaysia in the era of Globalization. Those countries realized the need to be proficient in English language.

4. After 424 years colonized by the Western, we gained our independence and managed it for 51 years. Yet some of us against the nation to be progressive. It may seen simple yet it gave a great impact to the development of the nation as a whole.

5. There are questions I always wonder:

Why can't Malay be trilingual?
Why Chinese and Indian can be trilingual?
Why don't we emphasized mastering more than 1 languages?
Why can't we create the education system that manage to produce trilingual citizen?

6. Sometime I do not understand how the minds of Malaysian operates. It will be long before I can get the answer.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

catatan fotografi

1. i think my other blog is ready to be published. it is a blog where i publish photos taken along my journey. i have a long journey to go. and those pictures are the benchmark of my life.

2. to be in the world of photography is full with challenges. i have to be observant,critical in seeing things and learn a lot. it is a humble beginning and hope it will reach to one point which i can be contented with what i am doing.

3. this blog will be continued as usual. along with the other blog. the different is this blog will deal with text and the other blog will deal with photos. it is easier that way.

4. i met a lot of people along the way, if you are interested to know my new friends in photography you can access their website there. my teacher, syed nasir, my new friends zul, manjuzri, husaini and riedznan. they are great people and generous in sharing knowledge. i gained a lot when i joined them.

5. feel free to visit my other blog, and enjoy viewing.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


1. this week is the final week before students sit for UPS exam next week. i encouraged my students to submit their assignment earlier than the dateline. this is to avoid late submission before the semester break. furthermore, the sooner they submit the assignment, the better. my goal for this semester is to make sure all my students produce the assignment according to the requirement.

2. some of them are wise, showing me in form of soft copy before they do the final printing. it is better this way. topics given are very simple. the objective of assignment is to give them early exposure about academic writing. preparation before they enroll to university. the most important thing is, i want them to learn some basic rules producing academic paper.

3. some of them take things for granted. since this paper does not involve examination. i have one hope that my students will learn about collecting information and managing information in a very academic form. acknowledging the source of reference and do some writing. learn something about ethics in a way. and i believe that producing academic writing is a fundamental needs for students in higher level institution.

4. best of luck to all of them!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

hobi iii

1. today i will continue writing about photography. in 1990s i learnt photography from different perspective. my former teacher's school of thought in photography is different compared to my present teacher. the transition school of thought is taking place.

2. the perspective is different. my former teacher emphasized on rule of third, composition and colour in a rigid way. he particularly emphasized on these rules. he did not believe in editing the photos. he considered editing as not producing genuine photos. so when i started to get involved in photography at present, my present teacher introduces me photography from a different perspective.

3. this is something new for me. it is crucially important to learn the methods of seeing subject in different perspective. producing great photos is different than just be able to capture beautiful subject in your photos.

4. photography stimulates the critical mind of seeing things. believe it or not. it includes more than you can imagine. perhaps one of the challenges is to cope with the present approaches. so what does photography means to you? at present, my attempt is to call for the answers which entails the cutting edge example in a new world of photography.

Monday, July 6, 2009

hobi ii

1. i used to take photos during my college days. my first slr camera was yashica with sigma lens. it was a secondhand slr camera which my father bought for me from my uncle. it costs me rm280. deducted from my ptptn allowance. my uncle is a freelance photographer. during those days, i used to buy rolls of films using my limited allowance.

2. during my college days, we have to take photocom paper as one of the requirement. everybody must have his own slr camera. i still remember the day i received the old yashica. it was one of the must thing to bring every time i went out.

3. in order to fully utilised the camera, i used to go out for outing around the town with a closed friend. whom now is my soul mate. we used to carry the tripod along as during shooting, we were the main subject. was fun to capture portrait of yourself in different locations. we used to go for outing almost everyday, every weekends. exploring the available locations.

4. there is no right or wrong rules. there is no composition rules to follow, just mainly for fun. but one thing that i remembered most was, the outcome of the developed film. the excitement to see the outcome. whether the photos taken, was fine or not.

5. then, the first assignment for this paper was to create story using photos. i took black and white photos. a bunch of keys. car tyre at the roadside. a pair of shoes in front of the door. and the road. 4 photos in black and white. which were developed in the dark room.

6. i got good grade for that paper. after i finished my degree, i took photography class with my uncle's friend. he is a good teacher. i learnt a lot from him. my sisters and i joined his class and followed him every weekend for outing. just 4 of us. no one else. we were closed like a small happy family. during those days.

7. that was in 1999. and now 2009 i met another teacher and he taught me a different perspective of photography. there are a lot of new things to learn. the composition. the rules of third. the minimalism concept which is new for me. the editing. today you have to edit yourself the raw pictures. you are allow to edit the picture in order to make it your picture.. before you go to any kodak shop for printing purpose.

8. if you asked me which stage are you in now? my answer is the first stage. i need to start over. from zero. i learnt everything about the composition,the rules of third, the minimalism concept. plus with the ethics and communication in photography.

9. one thing that i noticed, they are all male photographers. those days, i dont even bother about gender but today when i am surrounded with male photographers i feel little bit urm...scared sometimes...cold most of the makes me uncomfortable sometimes but what the heck...if you want to learn, you have to put aside those was just a feeling anyway.

10. sometimes it feels like i am in a stiff competition..because there is no fun element like those days. i dont have to prove to anyone about my pictures. it was different feelings. you have to commit yourself when you are involved in this world seriously. my present teacher is an established photographer and he is very serious in his business. it was like being monitored and you have to bring output for every outing held.

11. 1999 was the best year. it was the end of good time. 2009 is the new beginning. something is ending. something is beginning.


1. Hobi adalah satu elemen penting dalam kehidupan. Hobi juga merupakan refleksi karakter seseorang individu. Hobi mampu membantu individu meluahkan perasaan, minat dan buah fikiran dalam pelbagai bentuk dan saluran. Hobi juga mampu menjana sumber pendapatan sekiranya dilakukan dengan komitmen serta disiplin yang berterusan.

2. Ada antara kita mempunyai hobi atau kegemaran melakukan sesuatu. Ada juga antara kita yang mensia-siakan kehidupan tanpa ada hobi. Bagi penulis, hobi merupakan pelengkap dalam kehidupan seorang individu. Keseimbangan antara pekerjaan dan hobi dapat memberi impak yang positif terhadap karakter dan kehidupan seseorang.

3. Beberapa kenalan baru penulis disini mempunyai hobi yang bagus! Keinginan untuk mempelajari sesuatu kemahiran merupakan permulaan kewujudan hobi. Ilmu yang dicari ditambah dengan kesungguhan pasti membuahkan hasil yang memuaskan.

4. Kemahiran dalam bidang masakan seperti membuat kek, atau kemahiran mengambil foto dalam bidang fotografi. Bersukan boleh juga dikatakan hobi yang dapat memberi impak positif terhadap fizikal dan mental individu. Bersukan sekiranya dilakukan secara konsisten dan disiplin dapat memberi impak secara langsung terhadap tahap kecerdasan dan kesihatan.

5. Rakyat Malaysia secara keseluruhannya perlu seimbang dalam semua aspek. Pekerjaan, kehidupan, emosi dan fizikal. Masa yang diberi perlu dibahagikan dengan melakukan aktiviti yang memberi kesan secara holistik.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


1. sunset is one of the best shot to shoot. i always like sunset. it never fails you. it does not matter where you are, sunset is always one of the wonderful moments to capture.

2. when you are staying in an island, you have the great opportunity to capture lots of sunset. because i did. and it never disappoints me. every time i shoot for sunset, it will bring different outcomes. the magic of sunset for me, is the magnificent color that comes from the sun, the sky, the sea and the surroundings which completed the picture.

3. i am supposed to upload pictures taken on my other website, but sadly to is still under construction..there are few things i need to does not ready for the public yet so gimme some time people.

4. this semester is different compared to the previous semester. the students seem more friendlier and nicer. at present. i hope they will be until the end of semester.

5. thank you to my neighbour for his kindness. because of his generousity, i am able to access the net from home. due to this, i dont have reason not to update this blog and finish the other website.