Sunday, July 5, 2009


1. sunset is one of the best shot to shoot. i always like sunset. it never fails you. it does not matter where you are, sunset is always one of the wonderful moments to capture.

2. when you are staying in an island, you have the great opportunity to capture lots of sunset. because i did. and it never disappoints me. every time i shoot for sunset, it will bring different outcomes. the magic of sunset for me, is the magnificent color that comes from the sun, the sky, the sea and the surroundings which completed the picture.

3. i am supposed to upload pictures taken on my other website, but sadly to is still under construction..there are few things i need to does not ready for the public yet so gimme some time people.

4. this semester is different compared to the previous semester. the students seem more friendlier and nicer. at present. i hope they will be until the end of semester.

5. thank you to my neighbour for his kindness. because of his generousity, i am able to access the net from home. due to this, i dont have reason not to update this blog and finish the other website.

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