Wednesday, July 8, 2009


1. this week is the final week before students sit for UPS exam next week. i encouraged my students to submit their assignment earlier than the dateline. this is to avoid late submission before the semester break. furthermore, the sooner they submit the assignment, the better. my goal for this semester is to make sure all my students produce the assignment according to the requirement.

2. some of them are wise, showing me in form of soft copy before they do the final printing. it is better this way. topics given are very simple. the objective of assignment is to give them early exposure about academic writing. preparation before they enroll to university. the most important thing is, i want them to learn some basic rules producing academic paper.

3. some of them take things for granted. since this paper does not involve examination. i have one hope that my students will learn about collecting information and managing information in a very academic form. acknowledging the source of reference and do some writing. learn something about ethics in a way. and i believe that producing academic writing is a fundamental needs for students in higher level institution.

4. best of luck to all of them!

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