Thursday, July 9, 2009

catatan fotografi

1. i think my other blog is ready to be published. it is a blog where i publish photos taken along my journey. i have a long journey to go. and those pictures are the benchmark of my life.

2. to be in the world of photography is full with challenges. i have to be observant,critical in seeing things and learn a lot. it is a humble beginning and hope it will reach to one point which i can be contented with what i am doing.

3. this blog will be continued as usual. along with the other blog. the different is this blog will deal with text and the other blog will deal with photos. it is easier that way.

4. i met a lot of people along the way, if you are interested to know my new friends in photography you can access their website there. my teacher, syed nasir, my new friends zul, manjuzri, husaini and riedznan. they are great people and generous in sharing knowledge. i gained a lot when i joined them.

5. feel free to visit my other blog, and enjoy viewing.

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