Thursday, July 23, 2009

in the box

1. it has been 48 hours and i am still in the house. i dont feel like going out. i feel trapped in the house. yet i dont have the urge to leave the house. why this happen?

2. i did a lot thinking and comparison. i watched the tv for the last 48 hours. what did i see? there are news, documentary, dramas, soap operas, and cartoon. who are the viewers? what make them watch these? why do the authority bombarded them with these? that is what the viewer get when they dont pay for satellite tv.

3. the media theory attracts my attention. viewer's perception are molded from what they watch through television. the society perception towards an issue can be predicted. another way to control the society's perception towards certain issue.

4. looking at malaysian society whom been watching the tv across the country, what can you predict? the content of media can variously affected the culture, the society and the political perception.

5. the changes of media has taken place rapidly. what about the society? do they change accordingly or they are stagnant? who are being responsible feed the society with what to choose and what to accept? or can we let the society growth independently and wisely?

6. what will happen when the society is bombarded with soap operas 24 hours a day? can soap operas bring harm to the society's perception? what about the content of soap operas? do the content will produce predicted audience in decision making? how can we develop informative society through the media using television specifically. what about other media? the net, which is the most influencing media at present.

7. media development and the society in malaysia. the case study.

8. i am thinking a topic for my research. what say you? do you have any idea?

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