Monday, July 13, 2009

semester break

1. Next week is semester break. Ill be home to be with my family. I plan to stay few days at KB. Then from KB to Thailand. Stop at Cameron Highlands then Subang Jaya. My assignment during semester break is to shoot interesting subject and enjoy my holiday at the same time.

2. This week I am surfing National Geographic website looking for some ideas. This website is awesome. Great pictures, lot of ideas! Before I plan to shoot something or going somewhere, a little research should be done. Bombarded my memory with great pictures will be a good start.

3. This time Ill make sure I will not be lost. Bring back great pictures to share. It should be a great journey. The challenge lays when I am on my own searching for great shot.

4. Happy holidays to all my colleagues. Look after your diet and dont forget to do the routine exercise! Live life! Love life!

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