Saturday, July 11, 2009


1. I guess everybody is talking about PPSMI at present. As a teacher i was disappointed over the decision taken by the government. Why now? after all the time and money spent to implement PPSMI, out of sudden there is a group of people against PPSMI.

2. I've been telling my students, the need to be proficient in English language, yet the government decided to stop PPSMI. How ironic it had became. I'm afraid that irreconcilable differences of opinion among the people and the leaders produced the present result.

3. History of progressive country should be read. I learnt a lot about history of progressive country like Korea, Irish, and Japan from a book written by M.Bakri Musa Malaysia in the era of Globalization. Those countries realized the need to be proficient in English language.

4. After 424 years colonized by the Western, we gained our independence and managed it for 51 years. Yet some of us against the nation to be progressive. It may seen simple yet it gave a great impact to the development of the nation as a whole.

5. There are questions I always wonder:

Why can't Malay be trilingual?
Why Chinese and Indian can be trilingual?
Why don't we emphasized mastering more than 1 languages?
Why can't we create the education system that manage to produce trilingual citizen?

6. Sometime I do not understand how the minds of Malaysian operates. It will be long before I can get the answer.

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