Tuesday, July 7, 2009

hobi iii

1. today i will continue writing about photography. in 1990s i learnt photography from different perspective. my former teacher's school of thought in photography is different compared to my present teacher. the transition school of thought is taking place.

2. the perspective is different. my former teacher emphasized on rule of third, composition and colour in a rigid way. he particularly emphasized on these rules. he did not believe in editing the photos. he considered editing as not producing genuine photos. so when i started to get involved in photography at present, my present teacher introduces me photography from a different perspective.

3. this is something new for me. it is crucially important to learn the methods of seeing subject in different perspective. producing great photos is different than just be able to capture beautiful subject in your photos.

4. photography stimulates the critical mind of seeing things. believe it or not. it includes more than you can imagine. perhaps one of the challenges is to cope with the present approaches. so what does photography means to you? at present, my attempt is to call for the answers which entails the cutting edge example in a new world of photography.

1 comment:

me said...

always bear in ur mind dear..
dynamic!!! rules juz a guidance but not even perfect!

no such rite or wrong, the most is the argument MUST B strong & justified.

good luck.