Monday, August 3, 2009

back to labuan

1. today is the first day working after 2 weeks semester break. the weather is hazy. the temperature is warm. i feel warm. and today i go for outing,shooting hibiscus to make a poster for national day celebration.

2. we go in a big group today. and everybody carries his camera and shoots the best shot. using 50mm lenses. what did i discover?

3. it was challenging though the subject is common. a hibiscus. since the flower is not fully blooming, i think i have to manipulate the flower to produce great poster. i will not use the whole flower but some cropping job will be done.

4. another lesson learned today, it is not about the equipment you own, but the skill you build using the equipment. that was deep.indeed. in order to be good in something, sometimes it is not about what you have or how expensive tools you possess. it is about fully utilizing the equipment. it is not about who owns what or who buy the most expensive tools. mirror yourself that is the most.

5. the most wonderful part of today is, we can sit and talk about what bonded us together. the photos you get. its not about who buy this or who buy that. this is not a buying competition anyway.

6. a closed friend received an offer letter to further her study. well she inspires me. ill be following her step. best of luck, my friend. we will make the dream come true. this i promise you.

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