Tuesday, September 16, 2008

day 7 - praktikum

Tuesday. September 16,2008.

Today 2 classes entered Bilik Akses. We continue Microsoft Word lesson. We are unable to proceed with Microsoft Excel. Due to time constraint. So we decided to emphasize on Microsoft Word alone. Accident happens. Out of sudden, the electricity power is interrupted. For several times! Regarding to the management, this happens sometimes. So they advised us to stop the usage until the savior comes.

We also started documentation process for our portfolio. Collecting resources and students work to be attached along with the rest. I hope we can finish this work by end of this week and be able to submit it to the lecturer in charge.

Video corporate making is in progress. Still. Almost 60%.


sahabat said...


Refleksi yang disertakan gambar2.
Teruskan menulis.

bjorx said...

terima kasih. looking forward to hear more constructive comment from u.have a good day!