Wednesday, September 10, 2008

day 2 - praktikum

9 september 2008

UPSR 2008 started today. We were asked to move to Pusat Akses. Today 5 classes entered Pusat Akses (5P,3C,5C,2P and 3U). It is a long day, indeed.

1. collaborative learning
this method is applied today. it was hard in the beginning but i think we can cope with the situation. some of the students can follow this approach, some of them are not paying attention at all. i teach them basic skill using Microsoft words. students produce a file consisting their work. for year 5, they make a short composition for Bahasa Malaysia. for year 2 and 3, they produce a profile cover using Microsoft word. i found out that, most of the students are familiar using Microsoft word. they are capable to work with microsoft word. they are fast learner too!

i think i need to come up with a challenging task for them tomorrow. or else they will end up bored. i am thinking about asking them to surf the internet. collecting data and producing multimedia presentation using power point. the process of collecting data, managing data, presenting data and acknowledging the source of data should be awesome for them. i can see now the significant of project based learning for the students. they are indeed very lucky to be exposed with this. it should be useful for them. later for their tertiary education.

the only constraint is the limited number of desktops in the room. i hope internet connection is ok tomorrow.

2. data collection
i take a lot of pictures. the school,the students, teachers, rooms, classrooms and interesting subject. this is for the corporate video project.

i think today is a good day.

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sahabat said...

Cara penulisan refleksi yang baik.
Selamat Menjalani Latihan Praktikum. Selamat mengaplikasikan apa yang telah dipelajari di IPPM.

Selain refleksi, jgn lupa post lain2 bahan/artikel...

Kepada yg belum dapat jadual tu, kena dptkan segera. Dah nak tamat seminggu dah ni..

Folio / jurnal jgn lupa ya...

Ok, semoga gembira kembali ke sekolah bertemu anak2 didik yang dikasihi.

Satu lagi.. gambar2 n video2 yg diambil tu, jgn lupa post kat sini. Bole kami lhat juga...