Wednesday, September 10, 2008

day 3 - praktikum

Today nothing much happened. 4 classes entered the Pusat Akses and they continued their assignments. Teacher facilitated them through the lesson.

1. PlanB

Another plan b to proceed. Internet connection is not exist. At all. So after having a brief discussion with the other members, we decided to proceed plan b. We will teach students using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Furthermore, Nirmala has the module for those. So i believe we can proceed with that. We have to make up with something or else, life would be meaningless here. For me.

It may sound typical to teach the students with Microsoft Office. And i hate to admit that it is very typical, literally speaking. But then, after doing the situation analysis that is the best we can do for them while having praktikum here. We have limited time, yeah another typical excuse, and we have a big number of students for each class. In order to eliminate of feeling guilty, i guess the corporate video for the school is the best solution.

2. Data Collection

Today, Nirmala and i wandering around the school vicinity and recording the live activities occurred in the school. The main subject, the students, give good cooperation by giving spontaneous post in front of the camera digital. Oh by the way, we are using the humble digital camera for recording purpose. I hope the picture will turn out to be something though.

3. Pusat Akses

I spent the last 48 hours observing the Pusat Akses. I think, looking back at several schools i have been teaching for the last 5 years. The government should emphasize the layout of the room wisely. Or is it the school? The ergonomic elements are left out while designing this room. I am not talking about decorating or beautifying the room to make it feel like home. But im talking about the ergonomic factors, both for the students and teachers benefits. Sometimes we are too excited decorating and beautifying the room, we tend to forget that the room should be functioning the way it is supposed to function. Somebody has to do something to change the stereotype of how to manage the room.

The weather is nice today. The wind is being gentle too.
Thank you mother nature.

I have a good day.

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