Friday, September 12, 2008

day 4 - praktikum

September 11, 2008

today, we have only 2 classes entered the Akses Room. today we also have the room all by ourselves. so having the advantage, we continue doing the unfinished assignments. i managed to do a couple of assignments today. thank god for that.

1. Language barrier

This is a new discovery. I found out that I am having difficulties communicating with the students. We seem unable to understand each other. We try to communicate but we have difficulties understand the meaning. I noticed that we have different mother tongue. I used another alternative. I speak English. Some of them can understand and speak English. Some not. Speaking Bahasa is not easy as I thought it should be. Most of the time, during the lesson I used non-verbal method to communicate. I show them how by doing, not explaining verbally to them how to do things. It involves a lot of effort and energy usage. I dont mind showing them how to do things. Looking at their young innocent faces you will end up doing everything for the sake of them! I honestly speaking, started to like looking at their faces.

2. Desktops breakdown

Oh this is unbelievable. 3 out of 9 desktops are having problems and can't be used. So you can imagine the chaos having a limited number of desktops with a big number of students. I guess God is asking us to use our brain thinking for the solution to deal with this situation. Luckily, 2 classes entered today. My team members take this opportunity to distribute the intstruments for students to answer. They are collecting data for Pn. Mariah's Proquest assignment.

The sunrise shines on the desert and the ocean,
in times of crisis and in times of contentment.

Have a good day.

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