Monday, September 8, 2008

day 1 - praktikum

today is the first day of praktikum. 3 of us were assigned to the computer lab. the computer lab will be our station for 2 weeks. timetable is given . 4 classes entered the computer lab (2c,3c,4c and 3p).

several things had occurred. some were meant to be accident or it could be the level of ignorance was still high? i'm looking forward to find the answer.

1. technical error or human error?
we were facing difficulties during setting up the LCD projector. yeah it sounded ridiculous but it was happening. the laptops were not able to detect the LCD or we were so ignorance that we did not sure how to connect the LCD. so to avoid giving lousy execuses for not proceeding the lesson, we ended up dividing students into 3 major groups with one teacher to supervise each group.

2. number of desktops
i guess this is common problem facing by the schools. the number of desktops never compatible with the number of students. some were functioning yet some were not. collaborative learning approach is used. students work in pair and some in small group consisting of 3 students with one desktop. life goes on still. teacher plays a significant role in controlling the students.

3. lack of fundamental skill
these can be tackled if attention were given i believe. the eagerness to learn can be seen from the students. thank god for that. spelling skill is weak and they spend some time to spell. typing skill is none. they take a long time to spell. if only young children were exposed to these skills in their early age, it would be a blessing for everybody.

4. plan b
i guess this is what i have learnt today. always prepare for the worst. plan b is the best answer. cooperation among the team members. this is another point to note. luckily we were able to follow plan b and carry on with the lesson.

today is a good today. i see things. i learn new things.
i can't wait for tomorrow.

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