Wednesday, August 19, 2009

aturcara majlis

1. event organizing is an interesting task to do. when you are doing event organizing, you have to deal with people. there are many types of people. and sometimes some of these people may piss you off.

2. the sanity in you. the patience in you. the wisdom in you. will differentiate you with the rest of the people. when we are talking about people, we are talking about communication. we also talking about human behaviour. it is getting more interesting when you can see how these people work with each other to make the event successfully organized.

3. some people have the power. some people have the authority. some people have the energy. and some people will delegate power to certain people. some people will receive directions and instructions. some people will complain. some people will keep their mouth shut. some people will just do and follow the instructions. and there will be some people who try to please certain people.

4. how do you satisfy everyone in such situation? how do you manage people in such situations? how do you encounter with differents responds, behaviour,circumstances and unexpected matters? some people will loose their sanity in such situation. some people applied the ignorance is bliss policy. but some people just dont.

5. the interesting part is, you are seeing the social penetration theory taking place. layer after layer of onion will expose the true color of a person. and you are so wise you will manipulate the information gained about a person in order to make things work.

6. period.

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