Monday, August 10, 2009


1. currently, teacher syednasir is organising photogame for us fellow photographers (i dont consider myself as a photographer yet, newbies is suitable word for me). this is one of his efforts to encourage us enhance our skills in photography. and now we are waiting for the 4th photogame's instruction.

2. based on my personal experience, sometimes a person need to compete with others in order to know his standard. during competition, i can see the real person character. his willpower and his determination. apart from that, i can measure myself whether i am being handicapped or not in certain areas.

3. i learned a lot from the last three photogame. i need to master photoshop. this is one of the requirements beside mastering the art of composition, techniques, handling tools and producing great photos. it is a long way to go before i can consider myself as a photographer.

4. owning a grand camera is not a warranty that one can be a skillful photographer. it takes time. it takes you. it takes how much you will give to acquire the skill to be distinguish. it takes you. not others.

5. so to all my photographers friends, lets take the challenge!

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