Tuesday, August 11, 2009


1. today i forced myself to think harder for idea to create photo with extra elements. extra elements meant that i must added several extra elements to make it more interesting, more catchy or more than usual.

2. but i must not forget the basic principles in photography. what are extra elements?

1. minimalism concept
2. high key
3. reflections
4. pattern
5. fill light
6. rim light
7. emotions
8. actions

and many more. you have to mix several elements mentioned above to create great photos.

3. to have 2 extra elements is easy, but to make it 3 and more is challenging. when i am doing this exercise i realized that a great photographer must master the skill and must have the EYE when creating photos. the art in making is beginning.

4. never underestimate a photographer because a photographer does a lot of thinking and being creative at the same time. trust me, this can be developed. you dont have to be born gifted but if you are, well you are darn lucky. but if you are not, it takes determination and passion in you.

5.it takes time.

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