Saturday, May 2, 2009

e-2 oly apartment cameron highlands-part I

1. departed from subang to cameron on friday morning. heavy traffic. many people are on holiday fever i guess..sume pun balik kampung...malaysian people tend to go for holiday during 3 days public holiday..some of course going back to hometown. a reason to be on the road..i think most of malaysian spent half of their life on the highway..or else you wont be called malaysian.

2. spent my time visiting old fren who is considered as family. he lives on his own in cameron. grows up here. works here. settle down here. he never leaves highlands. this is his place. for better or worse.

3. i met few men share the same characteristics. man who is success in work usually end up his life on his own. they have everything money can buy. they go places around the world. most of them achieved what they want. they start from zero and now on the top.

4. krish. he is an old man by age. but not by his look. you will never tell his age when you first met him. he is a very nice man, generous, and humble. tall, dark and handsome.

5. some people have big family. some people dont. when you dont have family you tend to appreciate closed friends who will be considered as family. people whom you wish were your family. people who tend to fit you to be in the institution, family institution.

6. though we dont share the same background, race and is good to know that we have something..we are just human who have differences...we respect each others way of life...we can share a table, we live under the same roof..we can be comfortable together..

7. we dont hang out this time, we just stay in the apartment, catch up the old times,have a good laugh and be contented at the same time..the weather is too cold..rain..and more rain..think its better to stay put in the apartment..a mug of hot tea..can be heaven at time like this.

have a good holiday it with your family, friends or just yourself.

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