Thursday, May 28, 2009

cuti keamatan

1. selamat menyambut keamatan kepada rakyat malaysia.

2. photography lesson berjalan seperti biasa. banyak teknik dan terma baru diperolehi. basically what i learnt were the approaches in handling the ligting and subject. this week alone frontlight, backlight and sidelight. how the photographer manipulates the light to produce a great effect in his pictures.

3. some of the concepts are still hard to understand, and sometimes you are struggling to apply the theory. but then theory will be manipulated according to the situation. so it depends on photographer critical way of thinking. or how smart he is manipulating the situation.

4. in order to capture a good photo, you have to have the eye. this is a skill which i believe can be developed. you will learn how to look, and you will learn to create several pictures in your mind. so when you are shooting, consciously you will shoot the pictures created earlier. basically, a photographer will know what to shoot in certain places as he is ready with several pictures in mind and like the old proverb says, perfections come from practices.

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