Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Transition in life

1. This year marked several important achievements. Transition in life has shown remarkably significant achievement. People come. People go. I forgive and i forget. Certain things need to be forgotten in order to proceed new life. It should be painful yet it is meaningful in certain ways. Why not. You cry. You smile. It enriches your life.

2.What you learn, what people learn. It should be thoughtful in a way. I decided to write articles about my subject in college. It should be helpful to the readers. Especially to my students and fellow colleagues. I think exchanging knowledge and information should be our way of life. We need to be informed, knowledgeable and updated. Why not?

3. Furthermore, i can enhance my writing skills. Delivering messages that can be acceptable and understandable. My intention is to share and enhance my writing skills. I believe writing skills is a very important skill at present. Platforms to write are many. You can choose, virtually or conventionally. It is convenient this days to write.

4. Some people like to read. Some people like to write. Some people like to talk. Some people like to listen. There are many ways to communicate. So people can choose. Which is best that suit to your needs.

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