Wednesday, April 28, 2010


1. I am having my holiday. I am taking this opportunity doing things i enjoyed most. Sleeping. Shopping. Reading. Blogging. Surfing. Eating. Jogging. Resting. Loafing. I really enjoying myself.

2. I am appreciating the time given. Each day is a special day. It should not be wasted on trivial things. It is planned accordingly with specific activities. It will not be wasted. Again. I reminding myself. Time can fly really fast. Life is short. So live to the fullest.

3. What else? I am jotting down a note in my notebook. Things to do. Things to buy. Things considered to do. Places to visit. List of people to meet. A lot of meetings and visits need to be done. I am back to basic. Some things need to be done conventionally. I noticed that life can be chaotic. So why dont i simplify my life?

4. Simplify your life according to the list. Your list. You should have your own list. Plan your list wisely. Make a list. It can do wonders.

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