Saturday, November 22, 2008

saturday morning

i attended several programs held by the organisation. i collected a lot of data. about the people. about the custom and culture exercised here. some of them are:

1. 'seniority' status creates havoc when it comes to certain issues like parking, position and salary. the funny part was, when some of them claim to be 'senior' compare to the newcomers (who already served for the government several years) compare to the 'senior' who just serve for one year.

2. i found out that this is very surprising. the mentality carried by the people who claim to be 'senior'. dont you think this is rather funny because i believe that the core business you are working is to serve for your clientele. and the key performance index will differentiate each others. not the period being at the organization or certain places. and i also believe that, to tell whether you are master or expert in your task in the industry, evaluated by your contributions.

3. second, regarding to parking issue. this is another funny story i heard from a close friend who is also newcomer. the parking rule stated that, parking allocated according to the house number. it is as simple as that. so who has car do not have to worry about parking because every house has one parking allocated. it doesnt matter whether the parking allocated for you is with roof or without roof. that is another issue.

4. problem arises when residents who are senior (define by how long you were there) park their car not at their right parking. so when new people come in, some bring their cars some not. so you can see what occurs now.

5. i think that this is small matter and should be solved wisely. rules are made to overcome problems and make life much more easier to live. so when some people think that 'learn the rules, break some' you have to think about the consequences to the others who follow the rules accordingly.

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