Thursday, November 13, 2008

lesson learnt

1. i experienced communication barrier this week.

2. starting on Monday ive been calling the nearby resort about room reservation for the invited speaker. then payment for the room will be paid by the organization. so one of the requirement is something to do with one certificate. i need that certificate. and i dont receive it until today.

3. worried about the time constraint, i met the officer in charge, explaining to him about the certificate. he briefs about the procedure then he gives one call to the nearby resort, and problem solved.

4. my point is, he knows what he wants and he delivers it clearly. and i think my mistake was i dont speak straight to the point. i give a lot of explanation which it ends up confusing them.

5. lesson learnt.


me said...

Good dear! New knowledge & new discovery are much more valuable compared to age! Why? Being an adult doesn't mean u r perfect, but knowing urself is the key of success!

Well, lesson learned & pls keep up on improving the skills & enhancing knowledge. Skills + knowledge = Talent. Skills + qualifications = Expert. Qualifications + Skills + Knowledge = PROFESSIONAL!

Good luck & God alwaz b with u dear!

kalami said...

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happy blogging!

bjorx said...

thank you.