Sunday, November 23, 2008

0933 hours

i went for dinner at my new fren's place last night. she cooked steam fish, herbal chicken soup, some veggie and rice. we had good dinner. i thanked her for that. its not about the food, but the thought is much more important.

we discussed about a lot of things.

1. her family and i have some information about her now. she speaks hakka, she is budhist, she is the youngest in the family. she is from sandakan. she has the access to have fresh fish and offers me to have fresh fish. she also invites me to visit her at sandakan. so i said, on one fine day ill be visiting her and her family. she likes to watch soap opera during her time.

2. i learnt how to cook steam fish chinese style. it is very simple and easy. and i think i can have steam fish in the future. i need to learn preparing and cooking some dishes. because after this i have to treat her with malay dishes.

3. it is good to meet new people and learn about others. i feel comfortable talking and being with her.

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