Saturday, September 12, 2009


1. Ramadhan comes and goes. This year is the toughest.The water crisis in the island. So how do i survive the crisis? What did i learned?

2. The first 2 weeks of fasting was fine. the weather was fine. the water supply was fine. the food also was fine. tarawih was performed. i managed to wake up early and have my sahur. i also cook for break fast for the first two weeks.

3. then what happened when it comes to the third week? the water supply started to show red sign. sometimes we have water. sometime we dont have water. but it becomes worst when we dont have water for 2 days. what did i do? i can have water, but i have to gain water. i have to collect water using a pail and carry it to my place. roughly i have to do that several times to make sure i have enough water supply.

4. in times like this, i tend to appreciate water. i found out that, i can have a descent bath using a pail of water. i can use the washing machine and yet minimizing the water manually. apart from that, i am capable to use the water economically.

5. people tend to take things for granted when it comes to water usage. nobody bother to turn off the water during shower, shampooing, brushing teeth and washing dishes. i found out that i can minimize the water usage in every tasks involving water.

6. i guess god is teaching us to appreciate water during ramadhan. teaching us some lesson about hardship and appreciation. life can be meaningful without water. it depends on you. how do you survive in time like this.

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chekgu BaniHassim said...

time ko tulis entry ni dah mandi ke belom??