Sunday, September 13, 2009

searching for clue

1. i spent a lot of my time searching for a clue. trying to understand what phd is all about. figuring what phd is meant to be. why it should be achieved? why people like me should proceed phd? what is so great about phd? why people go for phd? why do you tormenting yourself?

2. i have been surfing a lot of blogs regarding to phd. personal blogs by phd students. blogs by phd supervisor. from the academician. from a lot of people.

3. what did i get? it is a long and winding journey. it takes 200 percent commitment. it takes you. the whole you to complete the journey. it is a serious matter. and i still thinking about it. day and night. now and then.

4. time will tell. and i am running out of time.


princess damia said...

kalau ko betul2 nk wat phd, mmg aku sokong gile..
salute la...
aku gak yg masih di takuk lama.
cian aku.. huhuhu

bjorx said...

Insyaallah, sampai seru aku proceed. Kau pun boleh juga kalau mau!