Sunday, October 26, 2008

sunday morning

today is sunday. and i wake up late for the last 2 days. the time in Labuan is different. so im taking time to get used with the time here.the clock shows 9.50am but i feel like almost afternoon. the sun rises early and shines early too.

i like the weather here. raining every morning. the wind and the clouds. the peacefullness. you can feel it here. no rush. at all.

i went to the town yesterday. several facts i found about Labuan:

1. no traffic jam
2. no tol
3. public transportation for bus is cheap. it costs me rm1.80 from town to KML.
4. buses operates on weekends only.
5. taxi services is expensive. rm22 from KML to town. so you can do your calculation.

there are few discoveries too.

1. things are expensive here
2. the cheap items are beers,cigarette and chocolates
3. perfume is expensive, too bad
4. there's nothin to shop so i can save my money. Kak Shidah yang interested to visit Labuan..i hope you dont feel disappointed. if you want to rest and visit the beaches and islands..ok kot. but if you want to shop, i recommend you visit Langkawi.or go to Sogo better.

1 comment:

sahabat said...

Tahniah!. Dah di Labuan rupanya.
Jgn lupa kami yg di Semenanjung.

Moga hepi di sana...
Selamat menyesuaikan diri di tempat baru.