Friday, October 31, 2008

friday morning

today will be the last day for semester 1. the weather is cold. its raining.
i did my packing last night. so i should be leaving after asar.

another findings about Labuan.

1. when u eat in the restaurant, the portion allocated in the plate is generous. so you dont mind paying more.(compare to Malaya).

2. the people from Malaya are friendly. so you dont feel alone here.

3. i dont see at the moment, people with obese problem.

4. you can leave your helmet on the bike safely. nobody bothers to take your helmet. (compare to Malaya)

5. it is safe to walk along the pedestrian. i appreciate this.

6. when you take the mini bus, you only pay when you want to stop.

7. you can only have daily newspaper after lunch hour or in the evening.

so living here is not as bad as you think before. it is a new world to be explored.
im just being optimistic.

1 comment:

sahabat said...

Think +ve.

Bagus kalau ader gambar2 kat Labuan.

Dengar citer mcm best, kalau ada gambar lagi best.