Friday, October 10, 2008

good friday

i have another one week to go before i left the peninsular malaysia. im flying and moving to labuan territory for good. a new place. new people. new life. new beginning.
im looking forward to visit several islands there. im planning to do a lot of explorations there.

i think in a certain stage in life u need to change your environment.a new perspective to look upon to.

the miserable time i spent here in maktab will be ended soon. it was my first and last application entering such course. i felt disappointed with the course. i dunno maybe im not familiar or it doesnt meet my expectation. i met new people. weird one. nice one. funny one. kind one. goes on still no matter how bad it turns out to be.

the best thing about attending course is you can observe and analyze how the system in an institution runs the show. comparing this institute with my former institute, i can see a huge gap. the lecturers, the management, the attitude and the students.
maybe the difference of school of thought affecting the whole system in general. i said maybe.

i dunno but i pity all the students who enroll here. a lot of improvement need to be implemented or else the quality of malaysian teachers is in stake. im worried when i think about this. i hope and wish them well though.

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