Wednesday, June 10, 2009


1. few weeks back, masa penuh terisi dengan aktiviti fotografi. banyak perkara dan meaningful information were gathered. ini bermakna, terpulang kepada pelajar how to apply all the skills and knowledge learned. something is ending. something is beginning.

2. jogging activity berjalan seperti biasa. k norti, one of the colleagues is an inspiration to us. cara dia amat effective dan berkesan. menurunkan berat badan dengan cara yang efisien. my jog partner, Raby is amazing. she lost about 7kgs. with her dedication and discipline, she did it! way to go B! my partner and i, jog everyday early in the morning.

3. i found that, jog in the morning is great compared to jog in the evening. furthermore, you can do a lot of things when you started your day jog in the morning. you can spend your evening reading or doing house chores or outing for photography. this is even better.

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