Tuesday, February 17, 2009

injustice to the customer

i found out that this event annoying. i went to a car wash last sunday. i went there thrice washing my car. it cost me about rm10 for each session. last week, they charged me rm11. i was surprised. with shock in my face i asked, why? the reason,' lately every price in Labuan is going up. we cant afford not to charge you more.'

i was unsatisfied. that is not justify enough but then, what is the point arguing with people who dont care about customer service, creating good brand among the customers, doesnt care about building the trust among the customers based on the service given,not providing excellent service of washing car thoroughly.(inside and outside of the car!)

the issue is not about money entirely. the satisfaction of service you get when you pay with hard earned money. i believe i wont mind paying if the services given satisfying enough!

back at home, i dont mind paying more or extra for simple service like car wash. to see your car clean and free of dust are something to be enjoyed. i dont mind going back to the same place, because i get something good in return for paying certain amount.

but here, since there are no options, not enough competition among the service provider, they intend to manipulate the customers like me. simply raised up fees according to their mood.

i hope more people, wise and intelligent business minded people will flood Labuan, so people like me who are the customers, will have options to choose and be loyal customers. sometimes it is better to have more people, more competition in order to upgrade the service and facilities.

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