Wednesday, January 21, 2009

wednesday I

Today is a good day. i am home. i spend most of my time at home. cleaning up, doing the laundry and things you do at home. i miss home. this is my second home. my real place is in a far far away kingdom.

i met old fren last nite. and we talked about a lot of things. changes that occur in our life. mostly about our current status in life at present. listening to her, i think she is experiencing the reality of marriage life now. it is another stage that everybody will face.

some people never change. that i can tell. most of the people i met around, never change in a way. they prefer to be themselves. though the stage they are in, is changing. i am a person who is believe in change. the ultimate believer. change is dynamic. it can bring a lot to your perspective in seeing life and how to manage your life. and to be in a new place, with new environment can do wonder to your mind.

how do you define certain word or concept in your life depends much on your perspective of seeing things. when one move from one place to another place, new definition will occur. so it is interrelated. so when one move regularly, i believe the definition will expand and grow. the information that being fed in ones mind will be broaden and deepen.

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